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  1. Mighty Shark Bloodlust Gaming-PC
    Mighty Shark Bloodlust Gaming-PC
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Fordeler med GeForce RTX 4080

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture An icon depicting a Graphics Processing Unit created by NVIDIA. Ray Tracing Cores An icon depicting ray-tracing as light rays bouncing off a sphere into a virtual camera for realistic computer graphics. NVIDIA DLSS 3 An icon depicting an articial intelligence accelerated software stack using NVIDIA technologies. NVIDIA Reflex low-latency platform An icon depicting accuracy as an archery arrow hitting the center of a target. NVIDIA Encoder An icon depicting NVENC video encoders. NVIDIA Broadcast app An icon depicting AI-enhanced audio and video broadcasting on a desktop computer. NVIDIA Studio An icon depicting a 3D manipulator of X Y Z coordinates in creative software. Game Ready and Studio Drivers An icon of a downward-facing arrow typically used to download NVIDIA drivers.

Banebrytende GPU-er

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace-arkitektur

Realistisk og engasjerende grafikk

Dedikerte raytracing-kjerner

AI-akselerert ytelse


Spillvinnende responstid

NVIDIA Reflex-plattformen med lav latens

Bygget for direktestrømming


AI-forbedret stemme og Video

NVIDIA Broadcast-appen

Få fart på kreativiteten


Ytelse og pålitelighet

Game Ready- og Studio-drivere 

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